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katie. nineteen. gmu 2016.

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it’s refreshing to be in a relationship were you are genuinely happy all of time. it’s even more refreshing that people can see the happiness in you even if they do not see you in person. I am so incredibly thankful for my boyfriend, who is also my best friend. For almost two years, I have had the most amazing guy right in front of my face but never really gave any thought to being more than friends with him, except for when i first met him. sometimes I wonder, what if things had been different when we first met. But more often I realize that timing really does have an effect on what can work at a certain point and what can’t. i realize i had things i needed to go through in my life and so did he. all that matters now is i am happy. I’m happy with him, I’m happy because of him, and I’m happy because I gave this thing a chance.

I’m just an outlaw, wanted if you want me.

you can’t pretend like I never happened, just like I can’t pretend you didn’t.

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he is we

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i guess i’m using this again.

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